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  What is a DNS Error?

A DNS error means that you are unable to view web pages.

If you have gotten a DNS error, follow these steps :

1. Check to see if you are connected. (if you     aren't that's the problem, if you are then follow     these steps):

2. Double click the My Computer icon.

3. Double click the Dial-up Networking icon.

4. Use the right mouse button and click Online     Gateway icon. Left mouse click properties    from the list.

5. Click the Server Types tab and make sure that     TCP/IP is the only allowed network protocol     checked.

6. Click the TCP/IP Settings button. 

7. Make sure that Server assigned IP Address is     dotted.

8. Make sure that Server Assigned Name Server      Address is dotted.

9. Press OK to the next two windows.

If that doesn't fix the problem, follow these steps. (Please note you may need your Windows CD to make these changes):

1. Double Click the My Computer icon.

2. Double Click the Control Panel icon.

3. Double Click the Network icon.

4. Click on the TCP/IP protocol then press     properties.

5. Make sure that obtain an IP address is     dotted, then click the WINS Configuration     tab. Click Disable WINS Resolution.

6. Click the DNS Configuration tab. Make sure that     DNS is enabled.

7. You will have to enter some information now:

    Host: olg
    Domain: olg.com
    Primary DNS:
    (note you must press add after you enter each     number)
    Secondary DNS:

8. You will now press OK and then OK to the next     window. The computer will then say you need     to restart the computer to make these     changes, press OK.